Keeping a travel journal is a good idea. You will enjoy reading it in the years to come. Use pen and paper but modern technology can make keeping travel journal easier and more fun than ever. You can add photos and share your experience with your family and friends, or even with like minded strangers. Travel blogs are growing in popularity, both in writing and reading them. We that love to travel usually love to follow other people traveling.
Travel Itinerary:
Make travel Itinerary before travelling and know the outline of where you want to go and what you want to see. If you are organizing your own trip, start buy checking how the professionals do it. Find out what Itinerary travel agents and guide books recommend and then customize it to fit your needs. Have a look at photos from the country you are planning to visit. Good photos can help you to find the places and sights that appeal must to you.

Bookings Trips:
Always shop around and compare price. Never assume some company is cheaper or better because it is bigger or more widely known. Search for booking tips that work for your circumstances. Choose few companies and compare their prices and what is included in them.

Travel clothes and Travel gear:
There is a good reason why special travel wear and gear is so popular. Special travel gear can make your journey so much more comfortable and enjoyable

Packing for a Trip:
Divide your luggage into what you must take with you and what you would like to take. Start with packing the must items and then pack the rest if you have enough space left. Be careful not to exceed the luggage allowance, it can be costly. Airlines are getting increasingly strict about their luggage allowances so always check them prior to travelling.
Make travel budget:
Making a travel budget will save you money that is if you follow it. Keep track of what you are spending while travelling and make sure you do not exceed your overall budget.